In which actual knitting gets done!

**obligatory statement about how I am inconsistent with posting**

School lately has been flat out bonkers.  We finished our unit on GI and endocrinology, and trucked right into the kidney.
I. Hate. Kidneys.
Actually, that’s not true. I hate my inability to remember everything about them.  You think all they do is turn the gross amounts of coffee and wine I consume into pee (or if I’m using my doctor words, urine), but that’s not even the half of it. 
Even though I’m struggling a bit with the material, I’m still very much enjoying it.  Plus, we’re finished with the kidney as of Thursday, and then we move onto reproduction.
Which means babies.  And babies are my favourite.

Speaking of, I had my first of two labour and delivery shifts.  I was at the hospital for five hours, and I experienced the miracle of birth approximately zero times.  I did get to meet a few labouring ladies though, who (given their state) were mostly quite kind about letting me ask them questions.  I have another shift in two weeks, so hopefully I see some birth-y action then.

Between not understanding the kidneys, and not seeing babies be born, I’ve actually gotten a decent amount of knitting done! 


See my vest! See my vest!
See my crappy photo!

First up, I completed the Woodhollow Vest.  Kristin Kapur consistently cranks out amazing patterns for beautiful items, and this was no exception.  I started it back in the summer, and finished it up about a month ago.  (A large portion of this vest was actually knit in my professional competencies class.  Take from that what you will).

After finishing the vest, I started a commissioned hat for a girl in my class.  Knitting is knitting, and I’d be knitting anyways I figure.  Plus, it’s a wurm (which I love) plus it gave me the chance to work with Cascade Pacific again (which I also love).
When that got too big to tote around, I went back to the old standby: socks.  I started these socks last April, when I traveled to Nicaragua, and I figured it was probably time to finish them.  I turned the heel on the second sock yesterday, and now it’s just a quick jaunt up the cuff.


Yarn is Berroco Sox. Pattern is a toe-up adaptation of the Tadpole sock pattern by Jenna Swanson. Photo is bad.

Once those are finished, I want to start one of these.  I’m thinking that I’ll likely use some Casbah I have.  I had started an Age of Steam and Brass with it, but I’m pretty unhappy with how much it’s growing widthwise vs lengthwise.  I also think this pattern might be a better fit for the colourway (ie lead to less pooling). 

Lastly, I (finally) signed up for a class at Needlework, in downtown Hamilton.  I’d been internet creeping on them, and other members of the Hamilton crafty community pretty hard, and when they posted the schedule for their spring classes, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m signed up for the Wiksten Tank Dress class in April.  AND, word around the internet is that James Street North is getting a yarn store soon!  Best news ever?  Yes.

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