Med School is a lot like Kindergarten…

Remember that time I started a blog, and then neglected it?
I do.  Every day.  And then I do nothing about it.
I’m trying to fix it, I really am, and I actually have a backlog of handwritten posts on napkins and paper scraps, interspersed with my school notes and all over my room.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is how since med school started, I feel a little bit like a toddler.  (Albeit, a toddler who owes an arm and a leg in student debt…)

1.) Some of these things – which I’m learning for the first time ever – are literally like breathing to the people who are teaching me. 
“How can you NOT know how to give an intramuscular injection!?”
The exception here is that my attempts at learning “basic skills” are not met with the same awe and wonder of a toddler learning to walk. 

2. I have the same backpack as all of my classmates
We match.  We’re a matchy matchy bunch, and as if matching my classmates wasn’t enough, every medical student in Canada has the same backpack.  We are matchy matchy at a NATIONAL level.  


Photo from MD Physician services

We also travel everywhere together in this roving band of med students (this is generally not intentional, simply unavoidable).
Really, the only way we could be more like toddlers in this sense is if we all had a knotted rope to grab on to.
(I’m pretty sure the administration has probably looked into this and is currently working on the associated legalities.)

3. The only way to get us to do (nearly) anything is with food bribes.  (This may make us seem more like puppies, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only kid who was potty trained using smarties.  Just saying.)
Every lunch time talk, every interest group meeting, even some of the mandatory events.  Free food.  (This part is actually awesome)

4. We appear to learn best when information is presented to us in songs.  Our classe’s facebook page is filled with youtube posts of songs about pretty much everything.  
This one is about the real coca-cola bears, and diabetes.
This one’s about glucose.
And this one is about the thyroid, in the musical stylings of Sisquo.  

5. I have a nap pretty much every day.

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