Still here, still alive!

The last few weeks have absolutely FLOWN by, and I can barely believe that I just finished my 3rd full week of medical school.

The first week – orientation week – was an absolute blur.  Each day there were lectures covering the very necessary (yet very boring) basics of WHMIS, fire safety, and how not to stab yourself with needles.  I learned things like “In an emergency, a wheelchair is any chair with wheels”, and that I should “ask patients to not cough in my orifices”.  (I don’t think these things were necessarily meant to be funny, but given the context, they were.)
Each night of orientation had a different “get to know your peers” event.  Unrelated, each night of orientation also had a bar component….
There was drinking, there was dancing, I wore a dress and heels at one point (I don’t think any photos exist of this though), and a general good time was had by all.

Then the real work started.  Though I knew med school would be hard, I don’t think I was quite prepared for the pace it took off at.  The vast amount of information I have to know, coupled with a completely new and different learning style have made the last two weeks a little rough.  Which isn’t to say they haven’t been entirely enjoyable.  

I am very much reassured by the fact that I still find everything so exciting, and so engaging.  Today’s lecture on arterial blood gases – super interesting!  Knowing that I get to see real patients next week and ask them real questions – super exciting!  
Studying respirology on a Friday night?  
Well, you can’t win them all.

Stay tuned for a better post on why Hamilton doesn’t suck, my adventures learning to drive (kill count still zero), and how much I miss Guelph.   

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