Goodbye tastes a lot like frosting.

I had a big post prepared on moving, and my feelings on moving, and the crap I’ve found while getting ready to move.  (Pay stubs from 2007? Oh yeah.)  But that post was probably boring, and way less important than this one.

For the past I-don’t-know-how-many years, knitting has been a huge part of my life.  Not just the craft itself, but largely the community that has been built around that craft.** I’ve been lucky enough to live in a city with a fabulous yarn store, which has a weekly knit night.  (Or stitch and bitch, or sit and knit, or whatever you want to call it.)  This community is made up largely of women (though occasionally we are joined by some super talented male knitters as well), and I get to be part of it every Thursday for three blissful hours.
These people have listened to me cry about boys, jobs, room-mates, boys and school, and I’ve heard them go on about the same.  We’ve celebrated births, birthdays, graduations and marriages together, and eaten some of the greatest baked goods of all time.  Even life’s less happy events have their place at knit night, and they are met with all of the necessary love and support.

Last night, the knitters overwhelmed me.  They planned an incredible surprise goodbye party, complete with cake, and presents, and a wonderful card signed by everyone.  I really can’t describe how thankful I am, and how wonderful and loved they made me feel.  I’m super grateful to be part of such a great group, and sad to be leaving.
I’ll be back for visits though, and I’ll make sure to bring cookies.

**My friend Angela did this really great speech about the knitting community.  It makes me a bit weepy.

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